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The gold standard in Torah camping

Now located at Torah Day School of Dallas

Camp Oraysa is part of a network of camps, servicing campers of all ages and providing summer programs for the entire family.



Dates for Summer 2024

July 1 - August 16

9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. (M-Th)

9:30 a.m. - 2:15 p.m. (F)


Camp Oraysa is Dallas's premier Torah day camp for boys entering grades one through nine.

The main division serves elementary school boys, and the CIT division serves boys finishing grades six through eight.


See us in action  Watch the 2023 recap video

Rates for 2024

Camp Oraysa - Elementary School

$225 per week

Camp Oraysa CIT - Finishing grades 6 & 7

$245 per week


About Us

Camp Oraysa is a Torah-centric day camp that aims to provide a fun, ruach-filled and growth-oriented summer for the boys of Dallas.  Our handpicked staff of rabbeim and counselors are role models of B'nei Torah, with many of them coming from yeshivas outside of Dallas, specifically to give our boys the best experience possible.

Rabbi Eli Nissel, our camp director, has been a leader in Jewish camping for 20 years. He works closely with Torah Day School and the rabbanim of Dallas, to ensure that the summer at Camp Oraysa is one of growth for every camper.



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Weekly Trips

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  • Does Camp Oraysa have a girls or preschool division?
    No, Camp Oraysa is a boys camp only, for campers finishing Kindergarten and older. There are other camps in Dallas which service preschool ages and girls of all ages. One such camp is Camp Olam, which is conveniently located near Camp Oraysa, also on the Torah Day School campus. However, the two camps operate completely independently and have nothing to do with one another. To find out more about Camp Olam, click here.
  • Who are the staff members?
    Led by Rabbi Eli Nissel of Plano, Camp Oraysa boasts a staff of talented and dedicated B'nei Torah. Many of them come to Dallas just for the summer from yeshivas in New York, Baltimore and beyond. Camp Oraysa works with Torah Umesorah's Prject SEED in identifying and hiring role model bochurim for our boys.
  • How often does the camp go on trips?
    Most boys in Camp Oraysa go on trips at least once a week. The CIT division, for boys finishing 7th and 8th grade, goes on trips more often.
  • Do the campers swim?
    Yes, Camp Oraysa utilizes pools near our campus to provide swimming multiple times each week, excluding the "nine days"
  • Why is the camp only seven weeks long?
    We are excited to be operating out of Torah Day School, a central location that offers facilities and amenities necessary for thrilling summer program. The school schedule, together with the turnover and preparation needed for the school year, allows for a seven-week camp program.
  • Is Camp Oraysa the same camp as Camp Olam?
    No. Camps Oraysa and Olam are separate camps, servicing different genders and ages. The camps work together and coordinate on scheduling and other matters pertaining to your family's convenience. For example, we are located on the same campus, our dates are the same, and carpool times are the same. However, the two camps operate completely independently. To find out more about Camp Olam, or to register, click here.
  • What is the daily schedule at Camp Oraysa? How long is learning?
  • Do I need to register for the entire summer?
    No, you do not. Camp Oraysa registration runs by the week. You can choose to enroll in whichever weeks work best for you. If plans change and you need to switch the weeks, you can switch your enrollment at any time.
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